The Church

You can find the complete history of our church in the book of Andrea Gallo: “San Giovanni Battista di Vinigo e i suoi Fioli de Jesia” (1993). This is a little abstract.


….the birth certificate of the new church dated the 25th of June 1943. On the following day all the people of the village joined the archdeacon Vendramin Soldano to renew their commitments. After the registration, they decided to collect all the money for the building of the church… The building went on intermittent, little by little while the money has been found. The winterly periods were time for long break. In 1506, with the paintings of the inner wall, the first part of the church has been finished. After more than 200 years, in 1708, the church has been widen. The widening finished in 1736.

The church is composed of the high altar, two altars on the sides and other two smaller altars. Let’s see all of them shortly:

In the high altar there is an altar-piece ascribed to Francesco Vecellio (brother of the most known Tiziano Vecellio). It portrays the Virgin Mary with the Child between Saint John the Evangelist and Saint John the Baptist.22_interno_chiesa_san_giovanni

In the altar on the left there is an altar-piece painted from Tommaso Vecellio (1587-1629, relative of Tiziano Vecellio). It portrays the Virgin Mary with the Child between Saint Margareth and the Abbot Anthony.

The altar on the right is called “Madonna della Cintura”. At its ground there are an engraving of the Holy Virgin and an altar-piece ascribed to Osvaldo Gornauto that portays the “Madonna della Cintura”.

Let’s talk now of the two smaller altars. Both of them portray altar-pieces ascribed to an anonymous author of the eighteenth century. In the first one there is the Annunciation and Saint Zachary, Elisabeth and Giacomo. In the other one the Virgin Mary with the Child, Saint Liberale and the Guardian Angel.

We suggest you to come and see our church: it’s really wonderful.